Feed the Fasting

This Ramadan, join us in the Race to Jannah as we strive to serve 2 Million Meals across the Horn of Africa.

The Amoud Foundation is committed to delivering filling meals for Suhoor and Iftar to vulnerable, food-insecure families. Your unwavering support has consistently exceeded our expectations, bringing hope to those who need it the most.

وَیُطۡعِمُونَ ٱلطَّعَامَ عَلَىٰ حُبِّهِۦ مِسۡكِینࣰا وَیَتِیمࣰا وَأَسِیرًا

“And they give food, in spite of their love for it (or for the love of Him).”

(Surah Al Insan 76:08)

The Horn of Africa continues to grapple with a severe hunger crisis exacerbated not only by the annual drought but also by the impact of heavy rains and flooding. Over 7 million people in Somalia alone are directly affected by these challenges. Malnourishment, displacement, and the destruction of infrastructure have robbed countless families of the basic joys of life, like a filling meal with loved ones. 

The region is experiencing the worst drought in 70 years, coupled with the devastating impact of climate change, as witnessed in the recent heavy rains and floods. More than 5.2 million people were affected by the floods between September and mid-December 2023 in the Horn of Africa.

The El Niño-induced heavy rains and flooding have wreaked havoc on infrastructure, destroying homes, hospitals, schools, and roads. This level of damage has made it difficult for communities in the Horn of Africa to recover from five consecutive below-average rainy seasons.

The heartbreaking reality faced by over 23 million people in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia includes malnourished children and lives lost to hunger.

Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“One is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbor goes hungry.”

(at-Sunan-al-kubra 19049)

As families flee drought-inflicted and flood-affected villages in search of food and water, the elderly, vulnerable individuals, and young children face the harsh reality of hunger and thirst. In Somalia alone, more than 1.2 million have fled their homes this year, with thousands more being uprooted every day.

Join The Race To Jannah By Serving Two Million Meals This Ramadan.

Your generosity can help needy families break their fasts without worrying about their next meal. Helping believers ease their hunger during the blessed month of Ramadan can lead to the highest rewards.

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