Sudan Emergency Appeal

Urgent appeal for your help with the ongoing crisis in Sudan.

During the last week of Ramadan, a civil war broke out in Sudan.

Since April 15, at least 512 people have been killed & close to 4,200 people were wounded as the fighting intensified and spread from the capital to the Darfur region in the west.

Sudan Emergency


The economic situation in Sudan is also at an all-time low, after numerous natural disasters such as droughts and the most recent floods in 2021. They already suffering from one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises, with almost 16 million people in need of aid. An economic collapse and rampant inflation have left many people unable to get enough food. Sudan has one of the world’s highest rates of child malnutrition, with more than 3 million children malnourished and the number is increasing.

There are limited food resources within the country, where a third of its 46 million population are already reliant on humanitarian aid. If the violence continues, millions more will be forced into hunger.

With the ongoing conflict, people are fearing for their lives which has heavily impacted the health sector. 70 of 86 hospitals in the current conflict zones have ceased operations according to the Sudan Doctors Union.

This has had a ripple effect on the citizens who are fleeing to neighboring countries such as Egypt, Chad, South Sudan, Ethiopia & the Central African Republic.

If the fighting continues, the UN predicts that as many as 500,000 people would flee.

Amoud Foundation is working to aid these vast numbers of Sudanese refugees by providing them with temporary shelter, food & medical aid during these difficult times.

Experts report that hundreds of people have been killed, thousands have been wounded, and families are trapped in their homes without food and water. Heavy fighting continues throughout residential areas and close to hospitals.

The conflict has caused a severe shortage of medical aid, with only few hospitals providing care for 3-4 million people in Omdurman-Khartoum.

Amoud Foundation is providing urgent medical aid to those affected by the crisis. However, we need your support to ensure that essential medical care continues to be provided.

Your donation will help us deliver food, medical and other much-needed supplies in this time of need.

“The fighting is [ongoing] and we can hear bullets and bombing all around us. Buildings are on fire and smoke fills the sky. People are trapped in their homes and scared about what is going to happen in the coming days. Life is paralyzed, everything is closed and food supplies are running out.

Many of the poorest people [already] don’t have [enough] food, they buy whatever little they can afford each day – and now they can’t even do that. Already critical levels of hunger in the country are now set to get even worse. Millions of people will need aid.”

They need your support to survive this trying period! Help us deliver relief packages to the families struggling in the Horn Of Africa. Contribute to their well being today!

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