Education is the foundation for any community to survive and succeed!

Without it, communities will remain in poverty and violence.


$20 - Sponsor A Child Education Monthly

Amoud Foundation, with the support of generous individuals like you, supports dozens of educational initiatives in the Horn of Africa.

We believe that with education will come power for these youth.

In 2018 alone, Amoud Foundation has opened 2 new schools that will benefit over 1,500 families and a new library that will serve as a valuable resource for all of those seeking an education.

Become an Education Sponsor today by donating just
$20 per month or $240 per year to sponsor one
child’s education!


In Somalia, families having access to education has been restricted due to natural disasters, extreme poverty, and war.The number of children, especially girls, who do not have access to education is enormous.

Help Amoud Foundation provide a sustainable future for these youth. Your sponsorship will help ensure that there will be future doctors, engineers, teachers, and others who are now in distressed circumstances.

Earn Sadaqa Jariyah for providing beneficial knowledge to the child who will later grow .

“Together we can help make their dreams a reality. You can help alleviate their plight and provide hope where there is despair”.


  • School Supplies and a Backpack
  • School Uniform
  • Tuition paid monthly to the school for the child
  • Home visits to family to ensure the child’s attendance
  • School visits to ensure the child’s progress
  • Award for maintaining attendance for 90% school of the year

Amoud Foundation, With The Support Of Generous Individuals Like You, Supports Dozens Of Educational Initiatives In The Horn Of Africa.

That with education will come power for these youth.

In 2018 Alone, Amoud Foundation Has Opened 2 New Schools That Will Benefit Over 1,500 Families And A New Library That Will Serve As A Valuable Resource For All Of Those Seeking An Education.

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