Hargeisa Fire Emergency

Hargeisa Fire Emergency


Sources on the ground are estimating losses to range from $1.5 billion to $2 billion. That’s 66% of Somaliland’s total GDP.

This Ramadan, Somaliland Professional of America (SLPA) and Amoud Foundation are partnering up to raise funds to help those who lost their economic livelihoods slowly rebuild.

The fire began on the eve of Ramadan which means now more than ever, the people of Somaliland need our help as they fight to earn their daily living and income.

The teams on the ground are waiting to help make your donations reach those impacted so donate today and don’t delay!

A catastrophic fire broke out in the main market of Hargeisa on April 1st, 2022, destroying hundreds of businesses in its wake. Thankfully, no lives were lost, but more than 28 individuals endured injuries.

The proximity of shops has made it difficult for the fire fighting teams to access the market. As a result, the source of income for countlesse homes has succumbed to this conflagration, leaving thousands in a state of emergency.

Help Them Heal From This Loss

The Waheen Market is home to over 2000 businesses. It has been a support to the Hargeisa economy. Unfortunately. the fire broke out on the eve of first Ramadan when businesses were in their full bloom. 

Goods worth millions of dollars were destroyed in the fire, but what matters most is the sheer vulnerability of the people who lost their bread and butter. They need your empathy and support to survive the month of Ramadan. 

With the rise in unemployment and economic instability in the region, this fire has proved to be a test for the entire city. The lack of financial resources to feed families was already troublesome for the population of Hargeisa, and now, they seem to be on the brink of starvation. 

Your generosity in this blessed month can help them heal from this loss. Remember the strife of your helpless brothers and sisters in Hargeisa this Ramadan. Extend your support to the neediest families with the Amoud Foundation. Every contribution matters. 

They need your support more than ever before. Your generosity will help us to help them with emergency relief and sustenance. Contribute to their wellbeing today. 

Dabkii Habeenkii Jimichii April 1deed ka dhacay Hargeisa

Amoud Foundation waxay aad iyo aad  uga xuntahay  khasaarihii ka dhashay dabkii ka dhacay Suuqa weyn ee Hargeysa, Somaliland. Holacaas oo baabiyey boqolaal business oo dadweynha Hargiesa lahayeen, kuna waayey nolol maalmeedkoodi iyo xoolahoodii.

Iyadoo aan ku jirno bisha barkaysan ee Ramadan waxan walaalaha soomaaliyeed ee jecell wax tarka walaalahood iney wakhtigan adag u gargaaran, wax tarna u geystaan.

Amoud Foundation waxay bilaabeen dhawrto lagu ururinaayo lacag lagaad-siinaayo dadkii dhibtu ku habsatay. Fadlan ku hagaajii tabarucaaga

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