Don’t Miss The Blessed 10 Days

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said:

“There are no days during which good deeds are more beloved by Allah than these [ten] days."

Bukhari, Tirmidhi & Others

By the grace of Allah S.W.T, the Muslim Ummah has been blessed with 10 virtuous days in the Holy Month of Dhul Hijjah.

While you spend more time in prayers and remembrance of Allah S.W.T, don’t forget your brothers and sisters suffering from poverty, disease and disaster. This Dhul Hijjah, we’ll help you secure your reward for the Blessed 10 Days by automating your donations for each of the sacred days.



Select Your Cause

Choose from our causes; Food, Water, Orphans, Education or Healthcare so that your donations go where you want. You can also automate your religious dues, such as Zakat and Sadaqah.



Split Your Donation

Choose your donation amount across the ten nights independently! You can give more on the day of Arafah. Power is yours



Secure Your Reward

Your donations will be processed on the selected days, guaranteeing your rewards.

* Not responsible for any bank failures.

Where will my money go?

Your donations go towards helping the most impoverished communities in the Horn of Africa.
Amoud Foundation delivers your generosity directly to the beneficiaries, ensuring maximum impact of your donations.
You can donate to one of the following causes.

Food Aid

people in the Horn of Africa are food-insecure. Feeding starving families in the region is a great cause to donate as you fast during the Holy month of Dhul Hijjah


Make access to clean drinking water available to a small community in the region. If you perform this Sadaqah Jariyah during the Blessed 10 days, you could secure rewards beyond measure.

Orphan Support

Earn the companionship of the Holy Prophet ﷺ in Paradise with additional rewards. Your donation could also become a source of happiness for a child who needs love and care.


Another way to earn continuous rewards is to help educate a child. By donating through our Education, you could send a child back to school, ensuring their success in the world and yours in the Hereafter.


If you haven't paid your Zakat yet, there is no time better than these 10 blessed nights. We have a 100% Zakat policy that ensures the maximum impact of your donation.


When you give Sadaqah, it protects you from an unseen calamity. Imagine if your Sadaqah was multiplied manifold. You can have it by automating your Sadaqah now!

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