(Somalia, 10/26/19) On October 25th, heavy rains in drought-stricken Somalia have caused the Shebelle River to reach flood levels, causing wide-spread flooding and devastation in the Hiraan region. This region, in the Horn of Africa has already been ravaged by the one of the worst droughts the area has seen in 60-years. The recent rains have caused severe flooding, destruction of homes, and left thousands of people without shelter, food or clean water.

An estimated 140,000 people, including 70,000 children, have fled the flooding and are in desperate needs of food, drinking water, temporary latrines and shelter. With flood waters rising, the following diseases are most common and possibly likely to impact those fleeing the flood waters – Diarrhea, Malaria, Malnutrition and Typhoid.

Amoud Foundation’s field team is on the ground assessing the destructions and provide immediate emergency services to those impacted. There is an immediate and urgent need for food, shelter and makeshift medical clinics with emergency medicine supplies.

Once the immediate emergency needs are met, Amoud Foundation will develop a long-term plan to help the victims of the flooding rebuild their lives, especially to replenish crops, as the majority of crops have been lost.

For anyone who would like to assist in this response, please contribute to Amoud Foundation’s Emergency Response Efforts by visiting

Amoud Foundation has been working in the Horn of Africa since 1998, providing shelter, education, food, medical supplies, water and much more to the millions in the region who have been impacted by severe droughts. In 2017, Amoud Foundation provided 1.3 million meals and plans to provide 2 million in 2018.

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