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For almost all of the children in the Horn of Africa, having an Eid gift is simply a dream.

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Eid Gift for Orphans and needy children - $25 per gift


Abu Sa’id Al-Khadri reported,

“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) would go out on the days of Eid and lead the prayer. When the Prophet finished the prayer and invoked peace, he would stand and turn to people while they were sitting in their places of prayer. If he needed to dispatch an expedition, he would mention it to the people. If he had another need, he would order them regarding it. The Prophet would say three times, “Give in charity.” The women would give the most of those who gave, then the Prophet would return.”

[Sahih Muslim]

Eid Gifts for Orphans


For almost all of the children in the Horn of Africa, having an Eid gift is simply a dream. Many do not even have the basic necessities of life.They have endured drought, hunger, war, and have been displaced from their homes.Many have been deprived of their parents.

What better time to show kindness to others than in the month of Ramadan and Eid?  For many Muslims, it is very difficult to celebrate Eid.  For those living in the most vulnerable regions, it can be almost impossible, especially for children who have lost their parents.  Now, imagine if they were to receive a special gift on Eid.  Imagine the joy in their hearts, sparkles in their eyes, and the amazing smiles that would come upon receiving their gift.  Imagine the reward you would receive by contributing to that orphan’s happiness and making a memorable Eid for them.  Every child should be able to experience the wondrous joy of Eid.

Give them a Blessed Eid by making your donation now!

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