Amoud Foundation has been a pioneer in the Horn of Africa in establishing health clinics and hospitals, like Al Hayatt hospital in Somalia, to ensure that those who can’t afford healthcare, are able to receive the treatment and care they need.

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In June 2011, the first baby was delivered in the hospital, who was named Hayatt in honor of the hospital!


Today, Amoud Foundation’s Al Hayatt Hospital is a well-renowned teaching and referring hospital. With plans to expand the facility to include Emergency Room wings and surgical facilities, your donations are more important than ever!

In addition to Al Hayatt, Amoud Foundation has funded a medical clinic at Dur in South Central Somalia and remodeled the fistula wing at Madina Hospital in Mogadishu.


Every year, several containers of medical equipment and supplies are shipped to health facilities in the Horn of Africa.

Amoud foundation has focused efforts to revive the health system in Somalia by establishing al-Hayatt hospital in 2010. with the goal to be the premier medical destination for treatment and education in the Amoud valley, al Hayatt hospital has been leading the way to provide top-tier healthcare to those who need it most.

Through the generosity of our amoud foundation donors and our partnership with baylor, scott, and white health, the vulnerable people of the horn of africa will benefit from another container of medical equipment and supplies shipped today. these beneficiaries are among the most vulnerable and needy in the world in addition to the threat of the covid pandemic. some of the items in our most recent shipment include much needed supplies, such as gloves, hygiene kits, baby formula, and masks along with medical equipment such as examination tables, wheelchairs, and surgical tools.

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